All the activities that region is setting up have roots in local rich history, traditions and respect to local environment. Almost every municipality have in its history a mention about fortress. The best prevented medieval fortress is in Svojšice. The unification of the region was in first half of 16th century by Jiří Gerštorf from Gerštorf, who really cared about regional development. However, in second half of 16th century this clan rebuilt the market in Choltice to a chateau and found the chateau game reserve. The clan of Gerštorf lived in the region till 1623 when their properties were confiscated after the battle on “Bílá hora” - White Mountain. Original tombstones of this family can be seen on the walls of churches in Svinčany and Turkovice.
For visiting around this area, it is recommended to use our marker bicycle paths and during pleasant sunny weather do not hesitate to swim in one of local sandy ponds.

List of chosen activities in the region:
  • Marking and rebuilding bicycle paths
  • New informative path about history of local municipalities
  • Creating of municipalities attributes
  • Propper care about environment, sustainability and architectonic heritage
  • Area of lookout tower Barborka - coworking with microregion of Heřmanův Městec and municipality Svinčany
  • Supporting awareness about biological waste
  • Rebuilding of place for waste separation
  • Selling places for local certificated producers
  • Geolocations in National Geopark of Iron Mountains
  • Fit paths in nature
Many of current activities are connected to the Region of the Iron Mountains and its work. Here you will find detail information, maps, publications, newsletter and schedule of events happening each month.
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